Easy Does It: Lip Balm

With cold winters comes all the dryness that we just can’t seem to take. Then of course there are a million products that claim to cure all the dryness. For my daughter the biggest problem seems to be dry lips even though she has countless chap sticks. Some of these products actually end up drying out lips even further, depending on what ingredients they contain.

To solve this problem I make my own lip balm at home. It’s nice and simple; I just mix Vaseline with a touch of food colouring. Not only do you have something that will keep your lips moist, you also get a little bit of colour on your lips. I buy the little empty clear containers from the dollar store (they mostly come in a travel kit). I fill these up and I hand them out to my whole family. For the girls I use a light pink food colouring and for the boys I use a light yellow colour and use very little of it. You can pick whichever colour you want.

There are adult guys in my family that use it and love it. For my daughter I put it in her backpack so she has it for school. One year I even made them as party favours for her birthday party. All the little girls loved it!