Easy Trick To Get Rid of Winter Blues

As March rolls in, the final weeks of winter seem to feel increasingly longer and colder. The grey skies and frigid winds can make even the most optimistic person feel blue. This year, get ahead of winter sadness by doing something good for yourself and others: supporting a charity.

There are several different ways to support non-profits. The easiest option is to donate money. Some organizations will let you know exactly what your money is supporting. For example, Beautiful World Canada will update you on the female students in sub-Saharan Africa that they support through donation-funded scholarships.

If you are a more hands-on person, consider volunteering instead of, or in addition to, donating. Depending on the charity you chose, you may be doing administrative work in an office or directly giving back to the community. Regardless of how you end up giving back, you can take comfort in the good that you are doing for yourself and others.

Charities are so important because they help people in need. But did you know that giving back can also help you? Helping others can improve your mood and give you a more positive outlook on life. On a more practical level, you can write off charitable donations on your taxes. Looks like helping others really does help you, too.

Courtesy: News Canada