Eco-Friendly Lawn Care

Create a sustainable and eco-friendly lawn this year.

5 tips you should know when caring for your lawn

Looking after your lawn can come at a high cost to the environment. However, by adapting some new habits or switching up old practices you can easily and affordably create an eco-friendly lawn care routine.

“Creating a sustainable and eco-friendly lawn is much simpler than many of us think,” explains Michelle Sordi of Husqvarna Canada, the world’s largest producer of outdoor power equipment. “With some simple routine adjustments and the proper equipment, you can get a lawn that is vibrant, healthy and safe for the environment.”

Use these five tips from the pros to get a lawn that is green in more ways than one:

  1. Leverage those clippings: Leaving grass clippings on the lawn after cutting it acts as a natural fertilizer, but make sure they’re less than one inch in length so they appropriately filter down to the soil surface to decompose. Mostly made up of water, grass clippings bring natural nutrients to your lawn without the need of man-made supplements.
  2. Aerate your lawn: Once a year, adopt the practice of punching small holes in the ground. This fosters and encourages nutrients in your lawn to flow, creating thicker grass that naturally wards off weeds.
  3. Conserve that H20: During growing season lawns require about an inch of water per week, which may not occur naturally, depending on the region you are in. Achieve this by watering in the morning when the temperature is cooler, allowing for water to sink into the soil without evaporation that occurs mid-day.
  4. Don’t mow too short: Cutting your grass too low can expose your lawn to weed invasion and makes it less able to cope with environmental stresses. Ensuring the proper cut for your type of grass will allow your lawn to stay healthier and promote richer soil without having to over-fertilize.
  5. Use battery-powered tools: Modern battery-powered tools charge faster and last longer than their predecessors. They are also lighter and quieter, allowing you to trim and manicure your property with less physical effort and free of harmful emissions.

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