Entertaining Ideas: Inspire Guests

Whether you are hosting a birthday party, celebratory dinner or casual gathering, use these helpful tips and tricks to create a one-of-a-kind celebration your guests will not soon forget. 

  1. DIY bars. Forget about trying to time everything perfectly so everyone has a plate in front of them at the same time. Instead, offer a DIY self-serve salad or sundae bar. This creates a more casual vibe and lets guests choose their favourite ingredients and toppings. Just be sure to have vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free options, or ask about any dietary restrictions beforehand. Adding decorative labels is a simple touch that adds character to your spread and helps those guests with food restrictions.
  1. Creature comforts. Make sure everyone has what they need to be comfortable and happy. If you are hosting in the winter, offer up cozy blankets and slippers for guests to warm up with. If your get-together is outdoors in the summer, spare flip flops, hats, sunscreen and sunglasses are thoughtful touches.
  1. Make memories. Encourage guests to take photos of the festivities. Use a cell phone, or have a retro instant camera on hand to snap some polaroids, which are making a modern comeback. Print the photos and collect them in a scrapbook to show everyone the next time they come over, or use online tools to make a virtual album to share digital photos.
  1. Get creative. Come up with a fun cocktail menu and invite everyone to bring an ingredient, like red wine or fruit for sangria. Add a bit of artistic flourish with custom name cards, menus and invitations that you can decorate with stamps, ribbon and markers from Stampin’ Up.

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Courtesy of: News Canada