For Every Woman on the Run

“Hey, how are you?”


It’s a statement that we use too much as we’re all guilty of being a little too occupied at times. In today’s world, women are busier than ever before and sometimes this is even a source of pride. Many of us juggle full time jobs, family commitments, community involvement, food preparation, health, exercise, as well as other responsibilities – all while maintaining some sort of social life.

While we all strive to slow down and achieve some balance in our lives, the reality is we are all women on the go.

As a television reporter I often have to run from one event to another, balancing many commitments in a single day. At times, an important evening networking event or impromptu interview opportunity will pop up after a full day of work, on the same night I have serious plans to have a low-key, sweatpants, popcorn and Netflix sort of evening.

But anything that is worth anything never comes easy and anything that requires effort takes time. So when you don’t have the luxury of a lot of free time…you just have to be prepared. The good news is: it IS possible to plan ahead even when you don’t know you have plans.

I’ve learned that the best way to be ready for anything is to keep a small collection of things in my “closet on wheels,” a.k.a. the trunk of my car – where it’s accessible for whenever I wish I had time to run home.

So what’s in my kit?

Some items are essential for long days on the go – a cell phone charger or portable battery pack (best piece of technology I own; a must-have for any woman on the go) and some healthy snacks like a granola bar, dehydrated coconut chips or almonds.

Others, you might not think to keep on hand. So here’s what you should always have with you in the event that your workday is extended into night:

  • a pair of heels – black, nude or metallic
  • a pair of flats
  • a clutch
  • a pair of big earrings or a statement necklace
  • a blazer, cardigan or shawl
  • a vanity kit with pressed powder, eyeliner, lipstick, hair elastics or bobby pins, roll on perfume, deodorant, dental floss, toothbrush/toothpaste or mint

With these items, I’ve found that in a pinch you can freshen up, add some sparkle, whip your hair into a bun, put a pop of colour on your lips and get ready for almost anything in record time.

Obviously the best scenario would be to allow yourself enough time for a break in between commitments to get ready at a relaxed pace, but sometimes it’s just not an option. So trust me. When time is short and your schedule is full…you’ll be happy you made like an urban Girl Guide, thought ahead and were prepared.

Angelie Sood is an arts/entertainment reporter for Asian Television Network (ATN). She also hosts Bollywood Bonanza on Sirius XM Radio and writes the food/lifestyle blog

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