Face-To-Face Interactions = Long-Lasting Authentic Relationships

Childhood for me was running around on a playground and eating kool-aid powder from a cup. If I wanted to speak to someone, I had to pick up the phone or meet them in person. I spent days watching Much Music videos and dancing to music. There were no distractions. The internet and social media wasn’t a thing we would wake up to.

Now my 20-month old daughter has a different existence. At 10-days old, she received an iPad as a gift. She couldn’t hold it at the time, but eventually, she learned that she could swipe it to watch her favourite nursery rhymes. And there is nothing wrong with that. The internet and social media has played a big role in bridging gaps and creating a global community. At the tip of our fingertips, we now have access to almost everything we could ever want to learn. I can connect to Japan or India in a matter of seconds through a skype call. Whats App friends and family groups have taken discussions to a whole new level.

However, something is missing. In keeping up with busy schedules, we have lost the art of having authentic long-lasting relationships. Relationships that are based on a mutual face-to-face discussion. I recently had the pleasure of meeting Brian Crombie, from Crombie Capital Partners, who talked about building long-lasting relationships and creating a true authentic community. At a Global Change Initiative conference, Key Note speaker Crombie spoke about the importance of having a true conversation and that most business deals happen to get done at coffee shops.

We tend to shy away from having the face-to-face meetings, lunches or wine dates. Quick ‘likes’ on a Facebook post or a retweet doesn’t provide the same value as a genuine interaction can. In a recent interview (link below), Crombie says, “People think of networking as speed-dating but we need to think about community. Establish that relationship first and then continue it through social media”.

Taking baby steps into authentic living and building relationships is key. Begin with having dinners or lunches with the family without the internet. Turn off the TV and go for a walk. Spend time with a loved one over coffee or wine. Attend a sports event with a friend or go out to dance.

“Bridging social capital is more impactful for business building, idea creation and finding mates,” says Crombie. In building authentic business relationships, step out of your comfort zone. Meet someone from a different industry. Attend a social event and follow up on those interactions.

In conclusion, Crombie points out that the people who know other people in different industries or in other areas end up being more successful.

And that is the truth. Happy Networking!

Interview with Brian Crombie – https://www.youtube.com/embed/lhB774GIU18?autoplay=1

Brian Crombie – http://crombiecapitalpartners.com/about/