Fall Into Good Habits and Quit Smoking For Good

Smoking is a tough habit to quit, especially because it requires physical and psychological changes. Improving your attitude, relationships, and health can help you make big improvements, says Hina Khan, a psychotherapist and behavioural expert.

Changing your mindset and outlook on smoking is essential. “Connecting with your personal ‘why’ — the reason you’ve decided to quit — is the first step towards making a change,” she says. “Think of your ‘why’ as the fuel in your tank. It will keep you going, but if you don’t press the gas pedal you will remain right where you are. That’s why moving into action is so important.”

Boost your determined attitude with a scientifically proven method to help you quit, such as nicotine replacement therapy. A Health Canada confirmed smoking cessation method, nicotine replacement therapy such as Nicorette QuickMist and Nicorette Gum relieves cravings and withdrawal symptoms.

“Whenever we’re making a big change, there’s a part of us that doesn’t want to do it. We want to remain comfortable, even if we know it’s unhealthy or hurting others,” explains Khan. “This is why having multiple options is so important — it gives us a sense of freedom and choice when we’re feeling very restricted.”

Quitting can be difficult at the start, but with motivation, a positive support system, and quitting aids, it’s possible to live a happy and healthy smoke-free life.


Courtesy of: www.newscanada.com