FenStar Productions: NOBODY & Blackbox Shadow

NOBODY and Blackbox Shadow are two short films produced by Fenulla Jiwani, from FenStar Productions. The ‘star’ in FenStar says it all. Graduating from the well-known Randolph Academy here in Toronto, this was Jiwani’s first adventure in making films. And let me tell you, it did not disappoint!

Both shorts touched on the human spirit. In the film NOBODY, a young woman (played by Jiwani) seemingly has it all. The soon-to-be husband, the job and the vision of a life she thought she always wanted. Her life changes course drastically when she connects with a homeless woman who eventually teaches her about what it means to be nobody. NOBODY is a touching and heart-warming film that asks viewers to become observers and to listen to their own inner voice.


With a focus on multiple stories told by diverse characters, Jiwani’s next film – Blackbox Shadow – takes place in the heart of it all – Sita’s tea shop. One-by-one, each customer enters the shop seeking healing in some part of their life. Sita and her special teas was just the place to let it all go, however even with the tea, it didn’t stop the many thoughts that were going on in each customer’s mind. It wasn’t until the music started to play, that calmness was felt. A quite, blissful and serene moment that many viewers would be able to not only relate to but also may yearn for in their own lives.

Fenulla Jiwani is certainly a trailblazer. An inspiration for many South Asian young artists, Fenulla’s journey has indeed been a phenomenal one. Coming from a theatre background, Fenulla built Fenstar Productions as a production house that caters to theatre, musical-theatre, music and now most recently, film.

NOBODY and Blackbox Shadow are films that are not only entertaining but also informative. They are films that transcend boundaries and connect with the heart. Both films are being screened at Filmi – South Asian Film Festival – Carlton Theatre, 20 Carlton St. For more information on schedule and dates, click here: http://filmifestival.org/