Okay so everyone has literally been grilling me about how I’ve managed to add Hermes items to my recent upgraded wardrobe. I’m about to let everyone in on my secret. Truth be told – initially, I didn’t want to share because I wanted these luxury pieces exclusive to me. However, after seeing the curiosity I’ve sparked with my latest acquisitions – I have to let the cat out of the bag. an online store based in the heart of Toronto literally has Fifth Avenue inspired shopping – without the Fifth Avenue prices. Their goods are purchased direct in large quantities from reputable buyers, in turn providing the consumer (ME!) more savings! It isn’t overwhelming looking through their merchandise as they only deal with accessories – high end bags, watches, jewellery, scarves, etc.

I truly picked up my Hermes scarf collection at a fraction of the cost – seriously, almost 70% off. I have showcased some of my latest acquisitions in the feature image for this article, but make sure to keep up with future posts to really get a better idea of how many scarves I actually purchased! Why so many you ask? We often underestimate the array of looks we can achieve with these silk beauties – aside from tying them around our Birkins.

My latest obsession has to be wraps around my hair. They’re so convenient for when you’re having a bad hair day. This urban look pairs well with any vacation sun dress, boyfriend jeans and a tee, to even simple overthrow and leggings. Get creative! Let’s step out of traditionally ornamenting these babies around our necks and branch out to wherever you think these gorgies seem plausible!

P.S., to get hooked up like I did – check out FIFTH & through their following links –
Instagram:  @FifthAnd
Twitter:  @FIFTH_AND