Fighting Winter’s Itch with Home Remedies

Home Remedies To Soothe Your Dry Skin This Winter

Colder temperatures, low humidity, strong winds – winter may not officially be here, but it sure feels like it. Before you know it, your skin is breaking out, flaky and itchy skin appears. Here are some home remedies to keep your skin looking nice and smooth all season long!


Natural Remedies

Honey, aloe vera, and coconut oil are also popular dry skin remedies. Honey draws in moisture to the skin and keeps it hydrated, while aloe vera has strong antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. It replenishes and heals skin (from rashes, burns, and much more). Coconut oil is easily absorbed into the skin, and is extremely gentle on the skin. You can apply all of these directly on the affected skin.


Skip Hot Baths

Coming home to a hot bath after a long day of work may sound like the perfect idea, however, doctors suggest the opposite. Heat dries up your skin and the constant exposure to hot water can strip the skin of essential oils you need to stay smooth. Instead, take short warm showers and find moisturizing products to include in your baths.


Exfoliate, Moisturize, Repeat

Exfoliating will get rid of the dead skin cells and allow for fresh new cells to grow which is especially as important in the winter time. But, be aware of over-exfoliating – your skin is more prone to dryness, redness, and the wind-burn. Make sure to always follow up with moisturizing to keep your skin hydrated and comfortable.



Along with the outdoor conditions, your indoor heating system could also affect your dry skin – it can deplete your skin’s natural moisture layers. Because humidifiers replace moisture loss, it’s best to invest in a one. Your skin will definitely thank you later!


Drink Water

This is one of the most obvious remedies – keeping your body hydrated will keep your skin hydrated! Drink 8 glasses of water (or combine with tea, coffee, hot cocoa) to keep from flaking!


Stay warm, hydrated, and moisturized!

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