Find The Bra For You

Get The Right Bra for Your Breast Shape from Anita

Ladies, it’s time to take control of your breasts and the best way to do that is with the right bra. There are many different types of breasts, it goes far beyond just small one and big ones; there are side facing breasts, pointed ones, full ones, shallow ones and so on. To most, a bra is simply an accessory we put on every day because we “have to” but in reality, bras can be a breast game-changer.

Anita, a German lingerie brand is dedicated to quality and fit, ensuring all your breast needs are met. Anita understands the various needs of each lady, offering a large range of sizes, cuts and styles without compromising the quality. No matter the style, Anita bras offer exceptional support ensuring that not only our breasts look good, but are also supported properly.

Here’s a guide to finding the perfect bra for every type of breast:

East-West or Side Set: Look for a bra with supportive side wings, this will gather breast tissue, moving them towards the centre of the body. Try: Clara Comfort Soft Bra or Xcontrol Sports Bra

Full Bust: (round/large) Look for a full-coverage bra with comfortable straps. To keep everything in, get a bra that covers the top of the breast fully, you will still have cleavage without the fear of “falling out.” Try: Fleur underwire Bra or Havanna underwire Bra

Thin: (narrow, not as wide as the chest) Look for a bra that doesn’t have an underwire, they tend not to fit correctly. Contour bras are also great, they give a fuller, rounder look. Try: Charlize Wireless Bra or Fleur Wireless Contour Bra

Shallow: Look for a shallower cup in a plunge or balconette style, opening up the chest, giving the illusion of a fuller breast. Avoid horizontal seams, generally they create a projection that the breast might not be able to fill. Try: the Air Control DeltaPad or Edelweiss Balconette Underwire Bra

Investing in the proper bar is incredibly important, trust me the “girls” will thank you.