Five Tips for Fabulous Fall Hair

This summer I decided to lighten things up and added some caramel highlights to my brown hair.  After staying away from colour and taking good care of my hair for a few years, I was cautious about where I would go for this new makeover.

After doing some research and asking a few friends, I put my trust in the Sonia Anjos (colour technician) and Amber Fairlie (hair stylist) at The Manor Salon.  The results were fantastic and I love my new look – I also took away some great hair care tips for Fall!

Fall signifies new routines for many Canadians – whether it is the start of school, a new job, or setting off on a new travel adventure, this season marks the beginning of a fresh new year. With summertime hair, everything from the sun to sea salt at the beach (or chlorine from the pool) can wreak havoc on your hair – come fall, “ it’s time to step up that beauty routine for your hair and say hello to the new year with confidence” Amber Fairlie tells us.

These 5 tips will keep your hair fresh – for that sophisticated, effortless polish

  1. Invest in your hair: You get what you pay for. Salon priced products are high for a reason. The ingredients nourish and pamper your hair. Drugstore hair products typically contain lower-grade silicone that can leave residue and damage salon-treated coloured hair. 
  1. Maintain your colour: When you spend upwards of $300 on a professional colour, using drugstore shampoo and conditioner can damage the colour and shine that was achieved in the salon. Some ingredients in drugstore hair products contain silicone and other synthetic ingredients that can render tones brassy and dull. Scheduling an appointment with your salon at least 1-2 months after your colour to apply a toner should rectify this and increase the longevity and brightness of your colour.
    • The Manor Insider Tip: All the celebs use Redken toner! This comes straight from Tracey Cunningham, stylist to the stars
  2. Go Pro: Go to a Professional stylist who can care for your mane from root to tip and customize products for your hair and lifestyle. Amber Fairlie, Chief Stylist and founder at The Manor cares for your mane from root to tip and customizes product to your needs.
    • When you visit Amber Fairlie at The Manor your appointment starts with a consultation; depending on what kind of hair you have and the state that it’s in; the journey begins from there
    • For a Colour treatment of any type, Sonia Anjos uses her expertise to colour match the tone to your complexion as well as giving you colour that leaves your hair with shine, movement and full of lustre.
  1. Avoid harsh chemicals: Whether it is your shampoo, conditioner, hairspray, gel or any other hair product. Read the label.  Too much silicone and other synthetic ingredients strip away at your hair. Leaving you with a ‘do’ that is dull, flat and one-dimensional. There is no depth to the colour. No sparkle and shine.
  2. Treat your hair: Tend to your locks with a treatment every other week, and for those who colour their hair, at least once a week. Colour-treated hair (especially blondes) need to protect their hair from dryness as going lighter often means further processing and stripping hair of its natural protectants.
    1. Consider Olaplex for blondes: This is a 3-step system treatment, starting at the salon – Step 1: Olaplex is mixed with colour, then applied and massaged into the hair. Treatment is left to sit for a few minutes.
    2. Step 2: Massaged into hair at the sink and left to sit for approx. 10 minutes, then shampooed out
    3. Step 3: At-home maintenance. Apply Olaplex to damp hair, braid or bun it, go about your tasks for the day, do your dinner prep, and then shampoo out (before guests arrive if you are hosting a party!). Perfect to apply right before you head to the gym! (love this tip – for those multitaskers out there who just can’t quit and hate to waste any minute of their days)

Want to try something new for Fall?  I recommend a visit to Amber and Sonia at The Manor.