Four Desi Beauty YouTubers You NEED to Watch


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Farah Dhukai / @FarahDhukai

Let’s start with our very own Torontonian, Farah Dhukai. I have religiously watched all of Farah’s videos ever since she first started her YouTube channel. What I love most about Farah is that she not only creates content regarding hair and makeup tutorials, but she showcases a lot of DIY tricks and tips to achieve and maintain your natural beauty. Many of her DIY videos involve the use of simple grocery store items, such as: various fruits/vegetables, oils, and/or other natural ingredients. What’s even better about this beauty is that she uses a lot of affordable drugstore items in her makeup tutorials. The fact that she lives in Toronto is a bonus for those living in the Greater Toronto Area, as majority of the products she uses are close by and easy to find.


Mona Sangha / @KeepingUpWithMona

Mona is another Canadian beauty who records beauty/hair/GRWM/Haul videos for her subscribers, but what’s even better about Mona’s channel, Keeping Up With Mona, is that we, as the viewers, are literally keeping up with her. Mona’s channel is mainly full of vlogs of her everyday life, events and other occurrences. I’ve found them to be pretty entertaining and funny. The things that happen in her Desi household are totally relatable! They’re also great to watch, as you feel like you’re exploring different areas in beautiful British Columbia (where Mona resides), and you can see all of the cool places she visits. She’s an amazing makeup artist and always has her clients looking flawless!

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Kaushal M / @KaushalBeauty

“Hi, my angels!” is how this British beauty greets her viewers in each of her videos. Kaushal’s videos are mainly hair and makeup tutorials/ GRWM/Hauls, and I have to admit, I’m addicted to watching them! Firstly, I love hearing the British accent (who doesn’t?) and secondly, although Kaushal uses a variety of products in her videos, she always applies it so that she looks as natural and fresh faced as possible. When watching most Indian GRWM videos for festivals such as: Eid, Diwali, and Navratri, some like to pack on lots of pigments and add a heavy contour, bold eye-lip combo – which is totally acceptable. However, I personally love a subtler look. Kaushal is amazing at sticking to a clean, effortless appearance, while still achieving a different look each time. She also posts vlogs sometimes, which are very entertaining to watch, as you can see different places that she visits, in the UK.

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Jyoti / @SuperPrincessJo

Jyoti, aka “Super Princess Jo” is an Indian beauty residing in Singapore. Jo shows viewer’s different hair and makeup tutorials, as well as beauty/DIY videos. What’s great about Jo’s videos is that she uses products that are either natural, or ones that have more natural ingredients compared to the average North American drugstore product. Like Farah Dhukai, Jo shows different techniques that are popular in India, to achieve and compliment one’s natural beauty. Some of these include: DIY rose water, a turmeric facial, and hair growth tips. It’s interesting to view these videos from a Torontonian, like Farah, and Jo, whose upbringing was in India. The techniques and ingredients slightly differ from one another, but Jo is also great at providing DIY, remedial, natural beauty content on her channel.