Four Ways to Make Your Hair Appear Fuller

Who doesn’t want their hair to look soft, shiny, and full? It can be tough at times to achieve this look but here are some tips to fake it till you make it for a fuller ‘do!

  1. Get a blunt haircut requesting a blunt haircut simply means cutting all of your hair at one level. This creates fullness, and instantly makes your hair feel thicker. I just got my hair cut this way last weekend and it instantly feels so much fuller and healthier!
  2. Invest in some dry shampoo dry shampoo has more than one use, which makes it one of the best hair products to keep around. Sometimes you can spray some into your hair, tousle it from the top, and voile! Instant volume!
  3. Backcomb Backcombing, also known as “teasing” is one of those well-known tricks that has been used for years! You can simply take a comb or a teasing brush and back comb your hair from the roots from underneath, and apply some hair spray. Do this until you achieve your desired volume.
  4. Forget the flat iron, use a blow dryer as hard of a workout as blow-drying your own hair can be, it really is better for your hair as opposed to flat ironing. Flat ironing literally flattens your hair, creating a sleek, pin straight look. If you would like to achieve some volume, blow-drying your hair in a certain way can really amp up the volume. There are tons of YouTube videos to help you with this!