Get In to the Groove this Summer with Rimowa

Rimowa takes you around the Globe in Style

Rimowa is trendy, stylish and one of the top suitcase brands in the world.  Known for its flashy looking signature grooves and sleek design it’s easy to think something this pretty can’t be strong – but any Rimowa case will prove you wrong.

Founded in Germany in 1898, Rimowa’s original cases were made of wood. In 1937 the founder’s son Richard Morszeck launched the aluminum trunk that would soon make the brand the strongest and most loved by many world travelers.1950 saw the launch of the iconic Rimowa aluminum case with grooves.  This fashionable look made it a must have for globetrotters and celebrities alike.  To this day it seems every celeb has a Rimowa suitcase with them as they hurry through airports.

This family run business has lead the way in luggage innovation – first the aluminum, then a water/ humidity proof system, next the polycarbonate suitcase, multi-wheels, TSA approved locks and now the electronic tag that lets you check in your luggage from anywhere.

As a travel lover and world traveler I have visited over 33 countries.  I have used everything from a bargain case I picked up at an affordable department store to very luxurious designer brands to the more sturdy best designed for travel cases – of all these my favourite is Rimowa.

Being a petite woman the lightweight polycarbonate case with multi wheels that is easy to carry and manoeuver makes long haul trips where there are flight changes a whole lot easier.  The design is sophisticated and sleek and the wide range of colours is fantastic. Inside the compartments are arranged perfectly for all my items to fit securely I really appreciate the zipped in mesh so when I do have to open my case to get something out all my belongings don’t fall out and are kept discreet. Most importantly I know when I am putting my suitcase on a plane all my belongings are safe.

Though the price tag can be rather high I believe you pay for quality and you get what you pay for.  With Rimowa I feel have gotten the best case money can buy.