Getting To Know Jas Dhanda

What comes to mind when you hear the name Jas Dhanda?  You might immediately jump to her acting credits of Heroes Reborn (2013), Satisfaction (2013) or Covert Affairs (2010) to name a few but there is a whole lot more to discover. I sat down with the busy actress to get under the surface and learn about this talented rising star.

Born in Punjab India she moved to Toronto at a young age and now proudly proclaims that she “represents the six!”  Her busy schedule has her shuffling between Toronto and LA and she hopes to add New York City into the rotation before long.

We took a moment to speak about her past roles and she truly has passion and appreciation for all of them.  Finding it hard to narrow down the list to her favourite she decidedly landed on Rupinder from the hit show Satisfaction.  This role she explains “was challenging and jas2satisfying at the same time.  I loved the cast and crew, it was a great experience and it stays with me.”  With an impressive list of credits behind her name we discussed what would be coming up next.

She is currently diving into the world of writing with 2 sitcoms in the works. She wants to make sure she is seen as a well-rounded artist and not solely focused in one area.  There is no lack of ambition for this talented woman.

I asked Jas what she has discovered in the Entertainment industry that was not as she thought it would be: “When I was growing up I assumed things were the way they appear on TV,” Jas comments.  “I had no idea regarding the (actual) time and dedication it takes to film one scene, let alone an entire episode.  After working in TV and film I have a renewed appreciation for each (aspect) as well as every single role the cast and crew play to bring a project to fruition.”

Since Jas spends time in tinsel town I had to ask about any fun encounters she has had with A-list celebs. She was quick to recount her experiences with actor Callan McAuliffe.  She ran into him on the set of Hackers in 2014.  She was impressed with his energy and openness.  She remembers that, “he was young and still so professional.  His dedication to the craft made me want to work harder.  Secretly it inspired me to compete.  This experience always reminds me to stay humble and keep pushing forward.”

As we were wrapping up Jas made sure to leave us with these words, “it takes a considerable amount of time, patience and support to follow your dreams, (however) never allow anyone to stop you from pursuing your dreams, no matter how outlandish they many seem.  You never know how far you will go until you try.  Be happy, and keep dreaming!