Gleam with That Glow

For years now, I’ve noticed that if you ask the girl beside you what her Holy Grail eyebrow product is, it’s probably one from Anastasia Beverly Hills. Recently, I asked a friend what her new obsession is when it comes to makeup. Surprise… it’s another product from Anastasia Beverly Hills. This time, it’s not for eyebrows. It’s for that perfect glow and highlight, and how perfect that it’s a product you can pick up soon just in time for summer.

Anastasia Beverly Hills has created a Glow Kit, which is said to be limited addition on The kit comes in two different options (sold separately), allowing the consumer to choose the kit that enhances their skin tone.

The first kit is the Gleam Kit. It includes 4 different shades: Hard Candy, Starburst, Crushed Pearl and Mimosa.


The Second kit is That Glow Kit. It also includes 4 different shades: Sunburst, Bubbly, Dripping in Gold and Golden Bronze.


Both kits retail at C$52.00 at Sephora. A major pro about this product is that everybody can use it, as there are two different kits, and a total of 8 different shades to play around with. It’s also perfect to layer on different shades from whatever kit you choose. This will intensify the glow and highlight depending on the look you want to achieve. Another bonus is, at this price, you’re getting 4 different shades that you can mix and match. There are other fabulous illuminators and highlighters on the market that cost the same, if not more, for less product. Another win for Anastasia Beverly Hills with this product.