Hair extensions…A change for the summer

Hair extensions are a way of bonding real or synthetic hair to your natural hair, right at the root. Extensions are usually attached in horizontal rows to the underneath sections of the hair, close to the scalp, so the top sections of the natural hair falls to cover all the bonds.

Extensions using real hair are glued to the natural hair with an adhesive. This method can be problematic for people who don’t like the idea of someone else’s hair being attached to their own. It is also a lot more expensive than other options.

However, extensions using real hair can then be styled and treated as the person’s own after application. The other method is called mono-fibre – a type of plastic – which is very lightweight. However, this system does not lend itself to styling with hot appliances such as flat irons and tongs, as the plastic simply melts on contact.

Extensions can look great when done properly and looked after well. Depending on the type of extension, they can last up to three months. Just about the whole summer.

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