Highlights from Berlin Fashion Week

Contrary to some popular opinion within the global fashion world, German fashion is far from dead. Designers at this year’s Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in Berlin (January 19th-22nd) showed collections that thrive with vivid patterns and bold aesthetics; they breathe a very fresh breath of life into the contemporary fashion scene.

Here are some of the most memorable designers from Berlin Fashion Week 2015:

Dorothee Schumacher

Redefining business casual for the fashionista. In Dorothee Shumacher designs, you can go from meeting to meet-up seamlessly and make a statement in a completely original way.

Dorothee Schumacher 1 Dorothee Schumacher 2 Dorothee Schumacher 3 Dorothee Schumacher 4 Dorothee Schumacher 5 Dorothee Schumacher 6 Dorothee Schumacher 7

















Kaviar Gauche

Fancifully playing with the wedding dress. Traditional meets tantalizing in some of these breathtaking designs.

Kaviar Gauche 1 Kaviar Gauche 2 Kaviar Gauche 3 Kaviar Gauche 4 Kaviar Gauche 5 Kaviar Gauche 6 Kaviar Gauche 7 Kaviar Gauche 8






















Holy Ghost

These looks all exhibit a chic city dweller. The collection thrives on layers and fashionable comfort.

holy ghost 1 holy ghost 2 holy ghost 3 holy ghost 4 holy ghost 5 holy ghost 6 holy ghost 7 holy ghost 8 holy ghost 9



















Nana K. Brenu

An impressive display of colour and bold symbols “influenced by the impact of the complex simplicity of the monochromatic geometric designs of traditional Ghanaian symbols,” yet remaining very original and modern. Nana K. Brenu’s design philosophy for 1981 “is based on the notion that design should reflect who you are, where you are from and where you have been. In other words clothes are the storytellers on the journey of our lives.”

DEU 1981, Maxhosa By Laduma, Soboye Show 1 DEU 1981, Maxhosa By Laduma, Soboye Show 2 DEU 1981, Maxhosa By Laduma, Soboye Show 3 DEU 1981, Maxhosa By Laduma, Soboye Show 4 DEU 1981, Maxhosa By Laduma, Soboye Show 5 DEU 1981, Maxhosa By Laduma, Soboye Show 6
















Info and Photos sourced from http://mbfashionweek.com/berlin