Holiday Gift Guide: Organic Skincare for the Whole Family

This year, give the gift of organic skincare with Max & Madeleine.

Guided by a shared driving passion to make a difference, Melissa Moritz and Carolynn Mowen launched Max & Madeleine, a unique social selling company dedicated to helping you separate fact from fiction and toxic from safe. They scour farmer’s markets, spend hours researching ingredients, and test recipes in their own kitchens to ensure their products are the best they can offer your family.

Our skin is our body’s largest organ. It protects and replenishes. It is the first line of defense from illness and every day harmful pollutants. As much as it protects, our skin also absorbs a large amount of what we put on it. Many of the conventional skincare products out in the market today contain toxins that are further compounded by confusing labeling and hidden ingredients. As consumers, we are literally allowing harmful chemicals into our bodies every time we apply a product.

At Max & Madeleine, Melissa and Carolynn truly understand that what you put on your skin is as important as what you put in your body. That is why they are on a mission to give their customers only the best products that are pure, non-toxic, and nutrient-rich. They also value transparency as they list ALL ingredients on their labels. Their products are crafted with organic ingredients when possible and the majority are made right here in the USA. They do not use any harmful ingredients in their products, ever. That’s their promise. And every ingredient in their products has a purpose. From their Sugar Scrub containing antioxidant rich sunflower oil to their popular Boo Boo stick using Calendula for repairing, they source the most natural ingredients that will heal and nourish your skin safely and effectively.

Check out Max & Madeline’s products:

  1. Max & Madeleine’s new Powder Cleanser gently buffs and exfoliates dead cells without stripping or drying skin. A protective barrier is formed, allowing the generation of new cells, while the addition of oats to this cleanser acts to lock moisture into the skin, leaving skin healthy and nourished. 
  2. Skin Rescue Serum Beauty really is skin deep! Introducing Skin Rescue, 3 powerful new facial serums created with proprietary blends of nourishing seeds and oils that detoxify, hydrate, and rejuvenate skin. Designed to amplify your existing skin care routine, Skin Rescue’s powerful ingredients are transported by small molecules that penetrate deep into your skin layers for maximum results. Skin Rescue’s serum stimulates collagen production, revitalizes youthful appearance, reduces inflammation and age spots, and even minimizes the appearance of wrinkles. The Normal Serum will Balance, nourish and brighten your skin. The Anti-Aging will restore, hydrate and repair your skin. The Blemish-Prone Serum will tone, regulate and protect your skin. 
  3. Aromatherapy Rollerballs: Essential Oil blends to help balance out your day. Energize: Peppermint and Grapefruit Essential Oils combine in this delightful blend to help revitalize the body and mind. Headache: Lavender, Peppermint and Eucalyptus Essential Oils combine in this delightful blend to help relieve headache tension. Serenity: Lavender, Clary Sage and Lemon Essential Oils combine in this delightful blend to help alleviate stress. Sweet Dreams: Lavender and German Chamomile Essential Oils combine in this delightful blend to help soothe and relax. 
  4. Smoothe out pesky tangles and knots with their deluxe detangler. Featuring exotic argan oil known for its magical moisturizing properties, our unique formula helps tame your kids’ frizzy locks with ease. Powerhouse nutrients include willow bark to combat flaky dandruff and dry itchy scalps. Antioxidant rich jojoba and meadowfoam oils lock in moisture for a healthy shine and fuller volume. And kids love the light passion fruit scent (adults too!). So get untangled with hair that is bound to be soft, smooth and silky. 
  5. Perfect for stealing kisses and some tender loving care of your lips. Max & Madeleine lip balms are a must have for any season! Organic Sunflower and Coconut oils hydrate and moisturize. Calendula Extract and Vitamin E help heal and soften while various blends of essential oils and extracts naturally boost moisture from within to nourish dry, chapped lips. The Mummy Set is a set of three lip balms: Coconut, Cool Mint and Original. The Yummy Set is a set of three lip balms: Cherry Bomb, Vanilla Smoothie and Citrus Bliss. 
  6. Get tough on diaper rash with a diaper cream that is super gentle on your baby’s skin. It begins with their melody of moisture rich organic jojoba and coconut oils to hydrate while luxurious shea butter softens and protects for ultimate comfort. They add golden calendula and soothing aloe to ease irritated, itchy skin fast. And no worries here – they use only non-particle zinc oxide in their exclusive formula. For effective relief from your baby’s diaper rash, you can trust Max & Madeleine to deliver – all naturally. 
  7. Banish breakouts fast with their powerful teen acne spot treatment! Blemishes don’t stand a chance with Max & Madeleine’s exclusive formula featuring hyaluronic acid that hydrates and fortifies while soothing cucumber extract quenches inflamed skin. They add citrusy lemon and orange extracts for a finished polished glow. An essential part of the super potent acne fighting Teen Line WASH! And HYDRATE! 
  8. This All-Purpose Cleaner can be used for all your cleaning needs: floors, walls, counter tops, toys, wood, carpet, kitchens, bathrooms, fabrics & linens. Nontoxic and safe for humans, pets, plants and the environment. Great for use by individuals with chemical sensitivities. The natural ingredients such as Coconut, Olive and Jojoba oils and organic Aloe make this product gentle and pleasant, yet also effective. Free of detergents, preservatives, artificial fragrances, colors, gluten and GMOs. Available in Citrus or Unscented. 

At Max & Madeleine, they are committed to creating healthy families and ultimately a healthier world. They are passionate about bringing cleaner products to you and your loved ones by way of transparency, integrity and community. Raising a healthy family is challenging enough. They want to make it simpler and easier for parents to choose healthier products in a world of overwhelming choices and misinformation.

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