How To Get Gorgeous Ombre Eyes

Little change to your eye-shadow can light your face up.

One tweak to your eye-shadow placement will make your whole face light up.


  1. Throw Shade

Unlike a traditional smoky eye (lighter shade on the lid, darker in the crease), this two-tone technique puts lighter shadow on the inner half of the lid and crease and darker on the outer (lightening inner corners makes eyes pop). Using a chocolate shadow―blend from the outer corner of your eye toward the center, stopping where colors meet.


  1. Wave a Magic Wand

Since there’s no eyeliner involved (woo-hoo!), adding definition with mascara on top and bottom lashes is key. Any mascara will get the job done.


  1. Gild Your Lids

Prep your eyelids with a dab of ­concealer. It will neutralize any discoloration and double as primer, giving shadow something to adhere to (no creasing or fading). Dip a brush into 
a copper shadow, and apply it to the middle of the lid, sweeping it toward the inner corner of your eye.


SOURCE: Real Simple