How to Get Your Kids Geared up for Camping


Did you know that a whopping 62% of Canadians say they are planning to camp this summer? No wonder. Enthusiasts insist that vacations in the great outdoors are a great way to make memories that will last a lifetime even if you’re staying on home soil and working with a tight budget.

Here’s a guideline to make sure this is a summer your children will never forget:

  • Treat your kids with their own gear. They’ll get excited about things like sleeping bags and chairs featuring their favourite characters and flashlights in their favourite colours. Earn bonus points by letting them pick it out themselves.
  • Let the kids help to plan meals and snacks for the trip, then prepare everything in advance. They’ll look forward to eating their favourite foods, and your on-site work will be minimal.
  • Go on a family adventure walk. Make it a game like a forest scavenger hunt, so you can explore nature together and get some exercise at the same time.
  • Let them get dirty. Explore the trails and mud patches around the campground.
  • Bring a digital camera and take lots of pictures. Those dirt-covered faces will make some great pictures to send to the rest of the family.

Keep in mind that 47% of Canadian campers agree that most camping essentials require batteries, so be sure to stock up on reliable ones. Energizer tells us that their long-lasting Recharge battery line will not only keep your camera, flashlights, and everything else, charged all trip long, but these are the world’s first that are made from 4% recycled batteries. Using them will minimize our impact on landfill giving everyone an opportunity to do their part in protecting the beautiful Canadian landscapes for future generations of campers.