How to Keep Life Carefree All Summer

This year, why not simplify all aspects of your life so you can savour every last second of the summer. No matter whether your focus is on fashion, food, beauty or décor, simply zone in on what matters most.

But don’t sweat the small stuff.

Here are five liberating lifestyle tips to help simplify your summer.

Plan easy layers – If you’re on the go, or short on time when selecting your outfit, opt for clothing with built in layers. Layering can help add dimension and a quick flare without much fuss or thought – and it can also be helpful for cool summer nights.

Count on a bold lip – To make a beauty statement with minimal effort, reach for your favourite lipstick to add a pop of colour. A bold lip allows for the rest of your make-up to be minimal and kept more neutral. Layer your lips using a balm first to ensure they are not dry or chapped before applying. Try lip products with an SPF during sunny summer days.

Freshen up – Don’t overcomplicate things when you’re in need of a quick, fresh breath boost. Keep some mint gum handy like Excel Naturally Sweetened for a fresh boost without sugar substitutes, artificial sweeteners and artificial colours. This minty gum is a welcomed refresher on a long summer day no matter whether you’re meeting friends, taking in a concert, or heading to a dinner party.

Sharing is caring – When hosting your next dinner party, or get-together with friends, consider creating, small sharing plates everyone can enjoy versus slaving over main courses. Keep the food simple and your house cool with classic favourites such as a charcuterie board, salads, and simple pasta dishes. Fire up the barbecue and create the ultimate share plate by throwing some of your favourite veggies on the grill. Sharing plates are a fun and simple way for any group to enjoy a bit of everything without hard work.

Decorate with texture – A simple way to make a big impact in any room is by including the right décor items for added texture and colour. Keep it simple, while adding dimension to the space, with a sleek mirror or a throw to add some interest to flat furniture. When summer entertaining, add a tablecloth or fun coloured napkins and placemats to the table.

Jillian Harris is an interior decorator and host of Love It or List It Vancouver.