How to plan a healthy workplace diet

Most of us spend the majority of our time each week at work, often making it challenging to stick to a healthy lifestyle. From pastry-laden brainstorms to lunchtime meetings, the workplace can be full of temptation.

But with a little planning, you can stay healthy while at work and not only hit your career-related goals, but also achieve your health ones:

  • Eat breakfast: It is true that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It provides your body energy and makes it easier to control your diet. By skipping it, you’re likely to get hungry later and resort to grabbing the first doughnut in sight. Make a habit of eating at home or pre-packing your breakfast each morning. Ozery Bakery has a suggestion: Toast one of their Morning Rounds and fill it with avocado or cooked egg. Once tried, you’ll likely want something like that every day.
  • Plan ahead: Being prepared is the key to eating right at work. Packing portable snacks means you’ll never be without healthy options when hunger strikes. Veggies, fruit or whole grain Lavash crackers are nutritious options to have on hand.
  • Out of sight, out of mind: It’s much easier to avoid temptation when you can’t see it. Close the lid on the donuts, move the bagels to the kitchen and take alternate routes so that you don’t have to walk past the candy dish.
  • Stay hydrated: Workplace health isn’t just about food. Thirst often masquerades as hunger, causing you to snack even when you’re not hungry. To avoid this, keep a refillable water bottle on your desk and set reoccurring reminders to drink up.
  • Get moving: Sitting all day can be detrimental to our health. Whenever possible, take a walk, climb the stairs or stretch at your desk to keep your body, and mind, active.

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