How to Travel on a Budget This Summer

Up in the sky

With March break and Easter in the rear view mirror, Canadians’ attention is now focused on a summer vacation. While vacations are remembered for the time spent with loved ones, a successful vacation starts well before you arrive at your destination. Being able to switch off and engage a vacation mindset and successfully leave stress behind is all about planning and budgeting.

One of the biggest disrupters of this vacation mindset is worrying about the financial costs of the trip. Dealing with the low Canadian dollar, getting the best deal on your package and budgeting the trip into your yearly financial plan are concerns that we deal with when planning a vacation.

The most important part of budgeting a vacation into your yearly financial plan is to determine how much money you are comfortable allocating and building the plans out from there. As soon as you establish a figure, you will be able to navigate through the planning process while still feeling in control.

Exploring the offers of travel rewards programs is an important way to limit the potential cost of travel and amenities. For example, Aeroplan members now have the ability to book a flight reward cash-free. Members’ miles can now cover the cost of taxes, fees, charges and carrier surcharges associated to their flight reward. This results in additional savings. Removing the flight cost from vacation planning really opens up your budget and helps you feel confident about your plans. For added convenience Aeroplan members are now able to book flights through the Aeroplan app.

Source: NewsCanada