How to turn up the heat!      

Long gone are the early days of your relationship where you didn’t know if he was all that into you and your heart raced at the thought of seeing him. As exciting as that stage may have been at times, there is something very comforting knowing that your partner is here to stay.

couple laughing computers in backBy nature, we are creatures of habits, so it’s not surprising that eventually your relationship falls into a routine. Now routine isn’t necessarily a bad thing, you may love your Saturday morning routine of having coffee and reading the paper together, or your Thursday night Netflick’s marathon. But for many of us, it wouldn’t be a stretch to say that you don’t make nearly as much of an effort to impress your partner or to find ways to add excitement to your relationship as you once did.

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, why not make the effort to add some spice back into your relationship? Here are some fun and easy ideas to help turn up the heat!

Add excitement back into your relationship

I don’t mean your regularly scheduled dinner and movie date night. Don’t get me wrong, spending time together is a great thing, but doing the same activities that you already do isn’t going to help stimulate a new desire between the two of you. Instead, look for new activities that you can both try together for the first time. Try an activity that gets your adrenaline pumping or take on a new challenge like one of those escape rooms people keep talking about? Not only does an activity like this encourage you to challenge each other, but also you’re often paired up with strangers so you can have new fun social encounters.

Ignite your sexual drive outside of the bedroom

couple hugging at amusement parkSome couples advocate that having an open or even a polygamous relationship can be a great way to keep the flame alive, but this isn’t for everybody. Now some harmless flirting with your partner and even with other people (if you’re partner is open to that), role playing, or even watching an X-rated movie can go a long way to reignite the passion in the bedroom.

Have you tried sexting yet? It’s the 21st century version of foreplay; just don’t use your work phone!

Leave little hand written notes for your partner of what fantasy you would like to play out, not much of a writer you say, don’t worry, you can pick up fun sex voucher booklets from most adult stores.

Be spontaneous

Couple kissing and having ice creamWhy not surprise your partner with a fun getaway? Tell them a few days in advance (if needed) and plan the whole day making sure you plan activities you know you will both enjoy. Tease them leading up to the event by giving them little hints.

Make your partner a priority

Sure we’re all busy, but it’s important that your partner feels like they are a priority in your life. If you’ve ever felt like your partner doesn’t desire you, you can be sure they probably feel the same way. Showing your partner that you still want and need them will go a long way.

Couple bike ridingListening is the key to any good relationship – really practice your active listening skills and be sure to remove the negative undertones that often surface in a relationship.

Regardless of what anyone tells you, it’s ok to schedule sex! Just because you schedule sex, doesn’t mean it’s any less enjoyable then when you do it spontaneously and let’s face it, sometimes sex is the first thing that gets set aside when you get busy.

Whatever you choose to do, remember the most important thing is to have fun doing it!