I AM Beautiful: 5 steps for a healthier and happier YOU!

Photo By: Simon Richardson

Not too long ago I was associated with someone who would pick at my weight. She was someone that was close to me and would work with me on several projects. I was constantly never good in her eyes. Either I was too fat or I didn’t wear enough make-up. Either way, my self-worth dropped each time I was around her.

Here is the thing. We all struggle, at some point in our lives, with body image. It’s never fun to be picked on, but it is even worse is if we pick on ourselves. Many times, we can be our own worst enemy.

So here are a few steps to change that:

1) Dis-associate yourself from anyone that fills your head up with disempowering language. No need to fill your head up with a whole lot of garbage coming from someone else.

2) Find three things that you love about yourself and everyday write them down. It is a simple act of kindness towards yourself. This may seem challenging in the beginning, but with daily practice it will get easier.

3) Face a fear that you’ve had. Whether it is public speaking or trying something new, find a fear that you have had and face it head on. You will find that with facing fear, your confidence will grow and you will begin to see what an amazing person you are.

4) Date yourself. We so often avoid going out on our own to places like a restaurant or to a movie. Yet the benefits of being with yourself are great! Get to know YOU intimately. Find the things you love. Have that glass of wine at dinner. Watch a performance. Do anything YOU enjoy.

5) Catch yourself when you can when you are dis-empowering yourself. Reflect on that habit. Find out where it is coming from. Write it down. Create new empowering habits to replace the dis-empowering ones.

With these five steps, you are well on your way to creating a new life where you can be proud of yourself. By seeing yourself differently, you will have opened your heart a little more, allowing for more space to be truly loved by others.

One love.