I’m in love: Sidharth Malhotra Finally Confesses it!

Sidharth Malhotra

Sidharth Malhotra’s candid confession on matters of the heart…

Sidharth Malhotra is quite the loverboy — both on screen and off it. While his chemistry with his heroines make for great movie viewing, his camaraderie with Alia Bhatt is the talk of the town. People who know the couple swear that they are together, but they haven’t given out a public admission to the same. Here’s Sidharth confessing to being in love (for the first time!) and talking about matters of the heart in a candid tell-all. Read on…

When in love, will you ever announce it? Or hide it like other actors?

Honestly, I have thought about it. I still get rattled if somebody clicks me getting out of a theatre or a restaurant with someone. I don’t want to sound arrogant or disrespectful to the attention that they give us but it’s purely because of my Delhi upbringing that I can’t get used to this. I have led a very normal life till I was 25. I have only done things which are very normal, apt and wouldn’t raise an eyebrow. I have not been noticed or gotten this attention. So for me, this is a culture shock. Even though I have been here for over four years now. I appreciate all the love from the photographers but I can’t help it. I am still at heart a normal guy who finds doing these things — watching movies or faffing around on the streets, travelling and all — is a regular thing. I sometimes feel like ‘arre, what’s the big deal in this? Why are so many people outside to click me when I have gone there to watch a film?’ I think, not going by what is conventional and contemporary is what I do. I just go by what I believe in because my upbringing has been so normal that I would still want to do these normal things which I don’t think is something great or special in any way. Sometimes, your friends get conscious and then you have to put up a different front. Most times, they misconstrue your image if you are faffing around with somebody or caught holding a drink!

Ever read such stories?

Yes, very recently. I saw a very stupid article on some website where they have circled around my hand which is in my pocket. And because my pant was a certain way and I have big hands so when I made a fist inside, there were bumps. So they were actually discussing whether I was too excited to scratch myself! (laughs). So I was really amazed by it. Is that really an article? Not to mock what they are writing or maybe they are writing all this because this is what it takes, but my point of view is that in my household, I have never been scrutinized for all this.

Whether I have been scratching my nose or the way I stand, there’s too much attention and detailing to it. So I find it a little odd. I still am confused about how to deal with all this.

First things first then, are you in love?

Yes, I’m in love!

What kind of a person are you when in love?

If I’m in love? (Smiles)

Yes, like right now?

(Laughs) Ahem… Passionate, obsessive and very attached. There are a few people I get attached to in my life and when I do, I get very sensitive. I have bad ways of communicating. I communicate indirectly. Maybe through some actions, gestures. I won’t be saying yes or no directly at times. If I’m left alone with that person, I will truly show my best and worst side. That’s what I believe true love should be like. You cannot put up a front of being this perfect guy always, helping out, understanding all the time. You should show your good side and the dark side, too. Because that’s what I believe life is about.

So who are you in love with?

What? (Looks at me, surprised) (Smiles) I am a narcissistic actor so I’ll say, with myself. I am a megalomaniac (laughs).

Okay, so how many serious relationships have you had in life?

I have had my share, but not too many, maybe just a couple of relationships. Being the person who gets attached, I also at times find it very hard to commit to one person at this stage in life. I have been working since I was 18. During college, I would only do fashion shows to make the kind of money I was getting in Delhi. That paid a lot. From there onwards, your priorities start changing and you don’t take money from your family. Your lifestyle changes and you become independent very early. That protective upbringing starts fading dheere dheere. When you are on your own, you start making your own rules. So, all my relationships and the people I have met have taught me something and I use that in my work today. Somewhere, they have shaped my personality. So yeah, I think it’s ever evolving. How I am in love is also determined by the person I am dating!

Have you ever cheated on someone or been cheated on by someone?

(Surprised) What? Define cheating! Are you talking about infidelity, adultery? People otherwise also do keep secrets, right?

Yes, that’s what I meant…

Infidelity in a serious relationship? No, I have never had that kind of a conflict. My conflicts have been time elements, geographical elements. Sometimes, we are not in the same town, same city, or the same country. Commitment element which is about taking that leap of faith, decision making, how much time to put in. That’s been the issue so far. So I have not dealt with the infidelity angle yet. I have never cheated on someone because I am way too attached to that person to do that. And no one has ever cheated on me!

How do you deal with heartbreak?

As I said, I have not felt the emotion of heartbreak. I have never felt like a dukhi aatma after a break-up. I believe things have a way of working out and if they haven’t worked out, maybe it’s not the right thing. Not today, for sure. Maybe tomorrow. You can’t force people to feel a certain way and the sooner you understand that, the better I feel everything has its way of working. Things happen organically and if they are forced, it will be very temporary. I believe in that.

Are you commitment phobic?

Yeah! I am now more ready to commit to my work, my friends, my relationship, whatever than what I was in my 20s. My 20s have really upset a lot of people.

Would you be comfortable with an arranged marriage set-up?

No! Even my family is not like that. My brother dated my bhabhi since he was 18 and he got married at 24-25. My parents were very supportive. We don’t come from a background where our parents choose who we would spend our lives with. They rather push us to be out there, have that relationship, make our own choices and live up to it and back it by getting married to that girl. So, I don’t understand the arranged marriage set-up and the point of view at all. Mom dad ne milaya kisi se so just get married — no that doesn’t work for me!

Earlier, you said that you will marry only when you want to have babies. By what age do you see yourself getting married?

No clue yaar! I will speak to my pandits (laughs). I feel I will be settled hopefully before my 30s end. Anytime in the next seven years! laughs out loud).


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