Because I’m Worth It

Shoes for special days

How to apply lipstickWhen I was pregnant, I was pretty firm that I didn’t want to lose my sense of style when I had the baby. I insisted that I wanted to continue to dress in a way that made me look and feel good, and that having a baby wasn’t going to change that.

But by the end of my pregnancy, I was carrying around an extra 22lbs on my 5’1″ frame, and felt that I couldn’t wear anything but the flattest of shoes and the comfiest of clothes. I told myself that once Amira was born, I’d get right back to who I was before. Boy, was I wrong.

I ended up spending the whole first summer wearing only nursing shirts. Who knew those shirts would be so practical, and also, so boring? And sadly, it never ended.

Aside from wearing what was functional, there was the matter of time. In the time it took to think, “Does this match? Does this look good? Does this still fit?” I’d already thrown on yoga pants and a sweatshirt and was out the door.

But the truth is, they’re not me. Yes, they’re easy, but when I look in the mirror, I don’t know who I am anymore. I only know one part of what I am: Mummy. And though that title now lives in every cell of my body, I know the pre-Mummy me is in there somewhere.

So this summer, I’ll take the time to wear something besides yoga pants. Maybe I’ll even accessorize with a scarf or a bracelet. I’ll paint my nails and put on mascara. I’ll pull out a pretty pair of shoes, and they will say gently to me as I slip them on, “Yes, you’re a Mummy. But you’re also a person, whole and complete all on your own. Show that person to the world”.

Because, like my mascara says, “I’m worth it”.