In The Spotlight: Mani Jassal, Indian-Canadian Fashion Designer

Up and Coming Toronto-based Designer’s Career Blossoms

Mani Jassal is, hands down, one of our favourite up and coming fashion designers. Her seamless approaches to blending her South Asian heritage and Canadian culture have made her gorgeous designs blatantly stand out from the others in the industry. Designing for the rebellious woman, Jassal aims to take part in the feminist wave. She hopes that her label will develop a community of women celebrating their multiple layers of identities and upbringing. “Fashion plays such an important role in female empowerment. You feel a certain way when you are wearing [certain] clothes. Clothes are empowering, clothes allow you to own your sexuality. You feel the most confident when you are wearing something that you know you look good in”.

Jassal’s labels dates back to her final year at Ryerson School of Fashion, 2013. For her thesis project, she designed an experimental and non-traditional South Asian Bridal collection. Jassal wanted to bridge together contemporary and traditional and design clothing that is not completely Western or completely Indian – similar to her upbringing. “I immigrated to Canada from India when I was about 5 years old and grew up with two cultures I found myself balancing, or keeping separate. I think, after growing up, I realized I was tired of keeping them separate and I wanted to make them one”. Women are able to embrace both their cultures by wearing Jassal’s pieces. What started out as just a school project, has now turned into 7 stunning collections ranging from bridal, evening, and ready wear pieces.

Jassal’s latest collection, “With Love”, launched at the Royal Ontario Museum for Toronto Fashion Week SS19. The line features a romantic and ethereal aesthetic; documenting a fresh young love story through flirty details, light, flowy fabrics, florals, and a pink, white, and soft nude colour palette. To further the illustration of romance, the collection incorporates intricate handwork and couture finishes with traditional South Asian bride accessories such as the parandi (mock tiara), kaleere (chains and metal tassels). The makeup and hair styles were inspired by India’s fashion scene in the 1990’s. Jassal mentions that this special line is a love letter to women in fashion.

Now, what happens when a glamorous wedding dress designer announces she’s engaged, and captions her latest social media posts, “There’s going to be an MKJ wedding very soon”… That’s right! Not only does Jassal promise to share her journey with us, but also claims there will be an ultimate wedding collection coming soon! Congratulations on your engagement, and of course, the blossoming success of your career Mani – we absolutely cannot wait to see your next designs, and of course, the wedding dress of your dreams! #TheRealManiJassalBrideForReal