Incorporate Family Summer Cleaning

Get The Kids Off The Couch and Into Summer Chores

The kids are home, but your home shouldn’t suffer. From lounging by the pool to arts and crafts, busy parents are always on the lookout for activities to keep the kids entertained all season long.

  1. Searching for an exciting new affair that the whole family can enjoy? Look no further than your own kitchen. Here are four simple tips on how to make cleaning a family occasion and leverage the kiddies for age-appropriate chores, so they can help clean the mess rather than make it.
  2. Stock your closet with accessible supplies suited to the whole family. Whether your kids haven’t quite reached their growth spurt or have grown to double your size, the Swiffer Duster Extender is the perfect tool. Uniquely designed to trap and lock dust from every direction, it’s an effective solution to cleaning up high or down low. From ceiling fans to baseboards, there’s no dust a kid cannot reach.
  3. ’Tis the season for entertaining. Rather than kick the kids out of the kitchen, invite them in for much-needed assistance. Studies show that families who cook together, stay together, as home-cooking instills healthy eating habits and fosters lasting memories. Make it a family affair and get the kids involved in everything from setup to cleanup. Invite their friends and their families so they can entertain and feel proud of their work.
  4. Kids love getting wet on summer days so why not get them cleaning at the same time! Bathing suits on and water pails in hand, kids will have the best time cleaning everything from the car to the BBQ. Just mix water with Dawn dish soap and its grease-fighting power is a safe, easy & fun way to get the kids cleaning all season long.

(Source: NewsCanada)