Indigo’s Top 10 Books of 2016

Indigo has released their favourite reads from 2016, selected from thousands of books and after countless hours of debate. Find your next great read from their top picks.


indigo-books-2016-1THE BEST KIND OF PEOPLE

By Zoe Whittall

“How would you react if your loving, honourable husband was suddenly accused of sexually assaulting his teenaged students? The Best Kind of People by Canada’s own Zoe Whittall is a riveting and timely novel, which raises the most profound questions on family and trust.”

Heather Reisman, Chief Booklover & CEO


indigo-books-2016-2SECRET PATH

By Gord Downie




By Joseph Boyden

“Short story, graphic novel or song – each one is short enough to experience in a night, all are deep enough to last a lifetime. These three sparse, poetic and heartbreaking retellings of the Chanie Wenjack story shine a light on the stain that residential schools have left on our country’s heritage.”

Krishna Nikhil, Executive Vice President & Chief Strategy Officer, Print



By Yaa Gyasi

“Do not be surprised if you see Homegoing on many Best of the Year lists in 2016. Equal parts moving and engaging, Yaa Gyasi has expertly woven together a story of one family’s history, a passage though time that is epic in scope and significance. A truly fantastic read.”

Kristi Reilly, Category Manager, Fiction


indigo-books-2016-5WHEN BREATH BECOMES AIR

By Paul Kalanithi

“Devastating. Inspiring. Wise and true. A deeply felt memoir about what makes life worth living by a gifted young surgeon whose life ended far too soon.”

Michael Nicholson, Category Manager, Non-Fiction



By Amy Schumer

“The stories I loved most in this book are the ones I hadn’t expected to find in it. Schumer writes with an open heart and, of course, makes you laugh but she also makes you cry. At times she is vulnerable, smart, inspiring, heartbreaking, and powerful. She also is vulgar, witty, hilarious, and just downright dirty (in a good way).”

Lauren Danton, Inventory Analyst, Fiction


indigo-books-2016-8GREAT RECKONING

By Louise Penny

“I used to describe Louise Penny as a modern Agatha Christie, but she has developed the characters and dealt with issues of morality so well that she has truly moved beyond the Mystery genre.”

Margaret Palmer, Customer Experience Representative, Kanata


indigo-books-2016-9SHOE DOG

By Phil Knight

“Phil Knight’s memoir is approachable yet aspirational, as if you were speaking with a close friend. You don’t need a stereotypical management book to learn about entrepreneurship or resilience, you need Shoe Dog.”

Conner MacLeod, Associate Category Manager, Toys


indigo-books-2016-10THE NEST

By Cynthia D’Aprix Sweeney

“Pre-spent your inheritance – what could possibly go wrong? Find out as the endearingly dysfunctional Plumb family falls apart and pulls together when they discover a smaller than expected nest egg.”

Andrew Taubman, Category Manager, Non-Fiction