Intuitive Skincare

Radiant, healthier, younger looking skin from the oldest of traditions, that’s the promise of the new beauty line, Sahajan.

Created by Lisa Mattam Sahajan ( is an organically certified Ayurvedic skin care line that is not only good for your skin it’s based on beauty from the inside out. Sahajan is from the Hindi word meaning intuition and it is fitting that a story about Lisa following her intuition sparked the idea for this skin care line.

One day Lisa came home to find her two year-old daughter covered in her face cream. Lisa immediately became concerned about what the chemicals in the moisturizer would do to her daughters skin. Her instinct was to get the moisturizer off her daughter’s face immediately. As she was taking off the cream she posed the same question to herself. What were the chemicals in her moisturizer doing to her own skin? This question sparked a desire to find a cleaner and healthier alternative to her own beauty care. So Sahajan was born.
Sahajan Collection + Ingredients (1) Sahajan is unique because it follows Ayurveda, a 5000-year medical system that originated in India and is still practiced to this day. Ayurveda isn’t just focused on the body; it is about balancing the mind and body to bring balance and tranquility to each individual’s circumstances. It is referred to as the science of life. A science that has been incorporating the best nature has to offer for 1000’s of year.

As Lisa began her research into beauty products, she recalled using natural products such as coconut oil in her hair when she was young. This set her on a path to find the best natural remedies to use in her product line. Lisa decided the ancient Ayurvedic practices would be a perfect fit to creating her beauty products. Lisa worked to develop the formulas with 2 leading Ayurvedic doctors in Kerala, India.

Effective formulas for treating stress on skin and hair were brought about through research focusing on the needs of individuals with busy modern lifestyles. The tried and true Ayurvedic practices were tested and the best elements were extracted to help balance the demands of modern life. Given the wisdom that has been passed down in this ancient practice over 1000’s of years the product that was developed, Sahajan is certified organic and is derived from sustainable agriculture.

The chemicals and artificial ingredients found in beauty products you find on the shelves of stores are not found in any of these products.

With Sahajan, Lisa is committed to offering products that balance healthy modern living with the rich heritage of Ayurvedic traditions to give you radiance and beauty inside and out.

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