Is ‘Couple Time’ Possible After a Baby?

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We posed this question to working mothers, who shared their work-life balance mantra

Guilt-free couple time — is that a mirage? In between hectic work hours and household chores, and attending to kids, do couples really manage to make some time for themselves? We spoke to working moms to find out how they and their partners managed to strike a balance between their personal and professional lives.

‘Hosting house parties gives us time to bond’

  1. Ninisha Rodrigues, an executive assistant at a financial firm

My daughter Cheyanne is over four years old. As we are working through the week, she goes to a babysitter after school. We try and spend weekends as a family. During the week, after she is in bed, we try and watch movies together atleast thrice a week. The best we do is to have house parties, so the kids are together and we as couples can have our fun. You have to be prepared to clean the mess of the toys but it’s worth it. Unlike the old days, preparing for a house party is not too much off a hassle as it’s quick stir-fry or pasta.

‘We find couple time at home’

  1. Rupal Gune, senior manager at a PR agency

I have twins — Atharv and Khushi both are in theirs teens. I had kept my kids in day care and have made them quite independent so that’s helped me in balancing work and home. I don’t get much time for myself during weekdays but weekends I do try to do that. I also have a help who helps me with cleaning and cooking. Going for walks, reading books and gymming helps me relax. As a couple, since our kids are grown up spending time together is not as hard. We make it a point to watch IPL matches, films and shows on television. It helps us bond and unwind at the same time.

‘Baby’s nap time becomes couple time for us’

  1. Atika Singhal Jain, communication specialist at a PR agency

I have a baby who is 11 months old. Through the week, we are busy with work and our schedules change to accomodate his needs. For example if, I have to go somewhere for work, my husband takes an off to take care of our baby. I follow a sleeping schedule for him so that I can relax and work together. My husband takes off or sometimes I take half a day, if I have to go out. Also, you have to overcome that guilt that you are giving your leisure priority and not the baby. I have also started meditating for the last one week, every night after my baby goes to sleep. It helps me relax. Weekends we generally do go out together as a family, but the only time me and my husband really get together is when Advait goes to sleep in the night. Sometimes we also let the nanny look after him, so that we can get some time together.

‘Our kids get priority over couple time’

  1. Shipra Abraham, a project manager with a publishing house

I work as a project manager for client projects, and have to be available 24/7. It’s normal to leave home at 9 am and return by 8 pm. After reaching home too, mails and messages are always waiting to be answered. We are living in a joint family. So, my in-laws take care of the kids when we are in office. Our lives have been revolving around the kids, office and home. The only outings are visits to relatives or doctor visits. Visits for self like going to the parlour are a passé. My husband and I often complain to each other that we don’t take out time for each other, but then we realise our time is not ours any more! I have a two-year-old daughter Sumati and a two-month-old baby Aadit.



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