Jann Arden Wants You to Stay Connected


Jann Arden is a multiple Juno award- winning artist and has had hits around the world. She is a member of Canada’s walk of fame and a recipient of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Medal. She reaches out to her fans through her music. But what if suddenly the music couldn’t be heard?

That’s why Jann has teamed up with Duracell to raise awareness about hearing loss with the “Stay Connected” initiative.

“I can really relate to having a loved-one suffering from hearing loss,” said Jann Arden. “The hearing aid my mom has been wearing for the last year and a half has made a huge difference in her life. We were pretty shocked when she was tested to find out that she had 70% hearing loss in both her ears. I know now how much she was missing out on, and can really see the difference in how she interacts with the people around her, which is why I am excited to help Duracell launch their new ‘Stay Connected’ initiative”

Listening to music, watching TV, going to the movies, having a great conversation with friends – we do this all the time. It’s part of every day life, but what if it all became muffled or even silent? That’s what Stay Connected is trying to prevent. Not being able to communicate affects us all drastically and is often taken for granted.

“Hearing loss is the second most prevalent health issue globally. The number of people with hearing loss is more than those living with Parkinson’s, epilepsy, Alzheimer’s and diabetes combined. Beyond the feeling of isolation, which can lead to depression, research has also found that people with mild hearing loss were more likely to develop dementia,” said Dr. Marshall Chasin, AuD.

Hearing impairment is a national health issue affecting approximately three million Canadians, 80% of whom don’t seek treatment.

“My Mother’s hearing loss was gradual, she was reading lips and imagining what people were saying. She was losing connection,” shares Jann. “Its so easy to let things slip and let people make excuses for themselves because of fear, shame, anxiety, frustration. Now, they can just call a number – they don’t have to tell anyone.”

All anyone has to do to get tested is call 1-844-9-Duracell to take the free hearing test or visit Duracell.com/StayConnected to view the film and learn more about the “Stay Connected” initiative. The tests are administered through the National Hearing Test, a quick and convenient over-the-phone hearing screening developed with funding from the National Institutes of Health.

“At the end of the call you will be given instructions, says Jann “ I love the fact you can pick up the phone and you don’t have to tell anyone. It’s important to Stay Connected.”

Visit Duracell.com/StayConnected to view the film and learn more about the “Stay Connected” initiative.


Call 1-844-9-Duracell to take the free hearing test