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Amnesty International Book Club Chooses Must Read

Award-winning Canadian author Nino Ricci has selected 419 by Will Ferguson as the May book recommendation for members of the Amnesty International Book Club.

The book takes readers behind the scenes of the world’s most insidious internet scam. When Laura’s father gets caught up in one such swindle and pays with his life, she is forced to leave the comfort of North America to make a journey deep into the dangerous back streets and alleyways of the Lagos underworld, to confront her father’s killer. What she finds there will change her life forever.

With more than 5,500 members across the country, the Amnesty International Book Club is quite unique. Started three years ago as a way to get Canadians talking more about human rights issues, it is essentially a virtual book club and exists online and through email updates. The books are all by Canadian authors and are chosen by guest readers who are well-known Canadian authors themselves. Book club members receive free online discussion guides.

These resources can be used and enjoyed by individuals, library book clubs or other book clubs across the country. Guest readers and selected book authors include Lawrence Hill, Richard Wagamese, Margaret Atwood, Michael Ondaatje, Madeline Thein, Marina Endicott and many more. The attractive and thought-provoking discussion guides provided for each book help members explore Canada’s literary landscape and take them beyond everyday book club discussions.

Books not only share new worlds to explore, but they give knowledge that can be passed forward. And that knowledge is power.

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SOURCE: News Canada