KISS Launch 2016

With the New Year around the corner, KISS Nails recently presented their new nail and eyelash collection for 2016.

At an exclusive event for KISS I had the chance to not only see all these new styles but also get some of my own.

Celebrity Manicurist for KISS, Gina Edwards was there to speak to me about the new 2016 styles and show me how they work.

Here’s what they’ve got in store for 2016:


Soft Nude French Acrylic Nails

These nails are French salon acrylic nails. This is where you have a soft white tip at the top and these come in an oval shape. This nail is softer than last year’s French acrylic nails. This version has the white French tip on the bottom and then two plastics molded on top to give a sheer soft appearance.


You can use these on top of your nails. Just stick them on, no glue needed. And you can put a topcoat on, just for extra protection. These will add some dazzle to your nails.

12Waterless Tatoos

Another way to jazz up your nails is the waterless tattoos. You just cut out the design you want, peel off the backing with a pair of tweezers, and put it on your nail. Then apply topcoat to secure the tattoo.

13Glitter Science Kit

This kit let’s you make your own glitter nail polish. For this you take the test tube, put the funnel in, mix the glitters of your choice together, pour them in take the funnel out, cap and mix it in the test tube. Then put the beads in at the bottom of your clear coat, open up your clear polish, put the funnel in and put your glitter in, close the cap of your clear polish and shake it up and you have your glitter polish! There you have your own DIY glitter polish kit!

9 Eyelashes

These lashes give you angles from top to bottom. This year’s lashes give you horizontal and vertical variation from left to right and top to bottom. They give you depth and make your lashes look natural.

11Impress Oval Manicure

These nails are super easy to apply. It literally takes five minutes. All you have to do is file your nails, find the nails that fit yours peel of the sticker and apply. They last about a week, sometimes even longer.
12295362_10153062898231370_2355623395016923253_nPersonally, I’ve tried the Impress Manicure Nails as well as the Soft Nude French Acrylic Nails and I love them both! Not only are they easy to apply, they look great, they last a long time, and they don’t ruin your nails; as long as you don’t yank them off.

So if you love getting 7your nails done, make sure to go out and buy some of these KISS products soon and try them out for yourself!