Kitchen Clean Out

Spring is just around the corner and you’ve gotten into cleaning your house top to bottom! How about that freeze, fridge and kitchen cabinets? Yes, let’s not forget about that. You might be at the point where your cabinets and freezer are getting so stuffed and messy that you have no place to put new groceries.

First, what I like to do is throw away things that are expired. Next, it is time to do inventory and see what exactly is there at the back of the cabinets. Sometimes it’s so bad that I end up having 2 of the same items, and both packages are open. Anything still fully sealed and not expired that I’m not going to use goes straight to the Food Bank.

For the rest of the opened stuff, I try to find recipes for them. That week and maybe for the next few weeks I try to use up things in the cabinets and freezer. Before you know it your cabinets are clean and organized. They are ready to get stuffed with new items to try in new recipes.