Ladies, You Need to Carry a Modern Mary!

Remember when your mother used to pack your school lunch in a brown paper bag, and you promised yourself that those days would soon end. Well, now you can! Thanks to Teresa Santarsia, creator of the Modern Mary food clutch, you can now pack your lunch in a chic and practical clutch.

Teresa, who was inspired by her grandmother’s style, decided to create the Modern Mary clutch so that it is possible to still pack a lunch from home in a stylish clutch. Not to mention, it is a beautiful and environmentally friendly alternative to a brown paper bag, and much more economical compared to dining out daily.

The SS15 collection colours range from black, brown, sapphire blue, salmon, and electric yellow. All made from soft genuine leather, including zip closures, utensil pouches and a waterproof interior to store beverages. The Modern Mary is probably the most concrete yet chic purchase you will make.

Teresa says, “My grandmother’s impeccable style inspired me to appreciate timeless and classic pieces. Her inspiration led me to design these multi-functional pieces that feel on-trend and playful, yet are timeless and can withstand many years of use. The collection is a balance between luxury and practicality – and offer on-the-go adults a trendy resource for transporting basic yet important goods!

I love the SS15 collection, however, the colour range in the FW15 collection is just stunning. The warm brown and red tones are beautiful for fall and will definitely provide me with great purpose just in time for back to school.

Whether you’re still in school or working everyday, ladies, you must get yourself a Modern Mary! It’s definitely a purchase that I feel would last a while, be useful, and be multi-functional, which is Teresa’s goals. Aside from lunch, I feel like I could pack all sorts of things in the Modern Mary. Externally, it is so chic, and the internal water-proof function is definitely an asset.

Below, are some images of the Modern Mary.

A stunning electric yellow, from the SS15 collection


A beautiful red piece, from the FW15 collection


The Modern Mary is a 100% made in Canada clutch, and retails from $155- $188. It’s available at