Let Kids Be Kids

I have a 5-year-old nephew who likes cooking. Every time we are in the kitchen, he’ll come and help us make tea, or try out a new dish. He’s a manly boy otherwise, playing with trucks, watching cricket and all that. Problem is, his father does not like his cooking interests and berates him every time he even watches a cooking show. He’s afraid he will turn gay. How do I assure the child (and his father) that there is nothing harmful about being interested in cooking?

I understand that you are troubled to see that the child’s father is worried. I also see that you are relatively much more accepting even is the child is or is not gay. All I can tell you is that a child should be allowed to play with his/her toys (whether they are –dolls, kitchen sets, cars, footballs or whatever else) regardless of gender. Who are we to decide which toys are for girls and which are for boys?

If a boy child plays with dolls, it doesn’t mean he is gay. He may like the doll because he identifies it with his mother or an important female member of the family.

In the same way, if a girl child plays with cars, or likes sports doesn’t necessarily mean she is going to be a lesbian. What we need to do here is stop stereotyping.

Also, what do you mean by a ‘manly’ boy? A boy is a boy! And at that age, he doesn’t and shouldn’t behave like a grown man up anyway!

His father should thank his stars that his boy can cook and will be able to make him awesome dinner when his mother isn’t around. You can reassure the father that this does not mean he’s gay, but my question to you (and his father) is, ‘What’s wrong with being gay?’

Stop judging and start loving that child.



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