Lilly Singh AKA Superwoman Is Taking a Break From YouTube

Kultur’D Konversations: Lilly Singh is Putting Self-Care First and We Applaud Her

“WASSUP ITS YOUR GIRL SUPERWOMAN!” We won’t be hearing that famous shout-out for a while…at least not on YouTube. A week ago, Lilly put out a video on YouTube titled “I’ll see you soon…” and it took the world by storm. Superwoman is a YouTube celebrity that many people connect to. She shares videos about social issues around the world, cultural barriers as well as many other topics that interest her and her audience. She defies the norms of YouTube stars and this is why many people connect to her. But now Lilly Singh is taking time to focus on herself rather than her fans.

What happened?

 Singh emphasizes that her break from YouTube has nothing to do with the YouTube platform itself nor does it have anything to do with Team Super but focuses more on her personal mental health. “I am mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually exhausted!” she says. Singh has been doing YouTube videos twice a week for eight years and a daily blog, which honestly sounds really tiring, if you ask me.

Singh also mentions that the reason she’s leaving YouTube for a little bit is the content she is producing is not what she is wants to create, and she’s not satisfied with it. She feels that YouTube has changed so much, and she does not understand it anymore. She wants time to figure out what kind of content and what she defines success as.

Singh has also started her own production company, she does a lot of speaking events, she loves focusing on Girl Love, and a lot more that she hasn’t been able to focus on.


Everyone Needs a Break

 She is not LEAVING YouTube she is merely taking a break. “I don’t want to abandon you” she said in her YouTube video. She loves the community she’s created, and they’ve helped her through a lot, but she just needs time for herself, and you know what, that’s totally understandable.

Many YouTubers have spoken about feeling pressured and depressed by the platform. According to Polygon, YouTubers have felt burnt out, unhappy and increasingly depressed. Famous stars such as Casey Neistat, Ben Brown, Jake Paul, PewDiePie have openly spoken to the viewers about their mental health.


Mental Health VS Social Media

How many of us feel overwhelmed by the amount of content we have to go through on our own phones? Now imagine that as a YouTuber? I already feel tired just thinking about that.

Personally, my phone has caused me a lot of stress that sometimes I just need to forget it even exists — and then that in itself can be stressful! With the increase of networking platforms there is literally no escape. From emails, to work groups to catching up with family and friends, I oftentimes feel like I have no time for myself. But now, with the updates on social media apps that show users how much time they spend on the app, we are becoming conscious of how much time we are consuming on our devices and are trying to control that. Hopefully as we become more conscious of how social media is affecting our mental well-being, we can do more to improve the way we use our time with it rather than just accepting the addiction to technology.


How do you feel about Lilly Singh’s YouTube departure? Does social media overwhelm you at times?


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