Listen to the world’s best jazz right here in Canada

While New Orleans is considered the birthplace of jazz, the genre is flourishing in Canada. Duke Ellington, Charlie Parker, Ella Fitzgerald and many other greats shaped and developed early jazz, and Canadians like Oscar Peterson and Moe Koffman helped secure the nation’s position on the international stage. Following in their footsteps are contemporary national treasures Diana Krall, Molly Johnson, Kellylee Evans and countless others, each adding their own distinctive style.

An ever-evolving genre, jazz is influenced by rhythm and blues, gospel and popular music and expands to welcome new artists and sounds into the mix. The result is a fusion of sounds from many cultures, making a country as diverse as Canada the perfect platform for this eclectic musical form.

And what better way to embrace this spirit than by experiencing live jazz at one of Canada’s many festivals dedicated to the genre? Most are outdoors, family-friendly and stretch over multiple days, making it an ideal opportunity to enjoy the warmer weather with loved ones. While jazz festivals offer opportunities to discover local talent, many also feature internationally-renowned artists.

This summer, Sarah McLachlan performed at the TD Toronto Jazz Festival, Joe Jackson at the TD Vancouver International Jazz Festival and Brian Wilson at the TD Ottawa International Jazz Festival. In addition to these cities, Halifax, Montreal, Winnipeg, Saskatchewan, Calgary and Victoria are also hosting festivals. Hundreds of acclaimed musicians from around the world are performing in cities and communities across Canada this summer.


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