London Is Calling: Five Sights To See

With over 30 million worldwide visitors per year, London England is the most popular tourist destination in the world. London’s filled with bustling markets, thousands of pubs, top-rated museums, a food culture to satisfy every palette, historical monuments and more, it’s no surprise the tourism industry generates over $25 million a year.

Though we love any excuse to speak with a Londoner and hear that charming British accent, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed when asking any of the 8.39 million Londoners for advice on the best attractions; everyone has different opinions on what the must-see attractions are.

As the famous line that originated in Britain states, Keep Calm & Carry On – we’ve got you covered!

Here are our top must-see London sights:

Borough Market: Go hungry, leave happy! Over 1000 years old, you’ll find it in the same area as the London Bridge (a great way to check an additional attraction off your list). Tons of vendors for fresh produce, baked goods, cheeses and some of the best coffee in the city (Monmouth is just outside the market and is worth the wait). With a rare historical vibe, you don’t have to be a foodie to appreciate this markets magic.

skygardeninmymaySky Garden: An elegant glass sky dome with panoramic views of London and skillfully designed landscaped gardens, the site is nothing short of breath-taking. With an optional restaurant, booking a visit is free of charge but can fill up quickly so plan 2-3 weeks in advance.

Tower Bridge: Often confused with London Bridge, Tower Bridge is actually what the classic kid’s rhyme London Bridges is based on. Booking dinner at one of the restaurants around the area for a beautiful view of the bridge lit up at night.

Camden Town: The hometown of Amy Winehouse, prepare for sensory overload as you roam through the artistic, eclectic stalls, shops and food vendors in Camden Market. With 100 000 visitors every weekend, don’t get lost in the crowd by taking a free walking tour.

Buckingham Palace: Last but certainly not least, the ‘official’ home and headquarters of the British Monarchy. Whether you’re a fan of the Queen or not, no visit in London is complete without seeing the beautiful palace. Valued at approx. $5 billion dollars, the energy and excitement in the area is immeasurable. To really soak up the British experience, go for the Changing of the Guards. Visiting in the summer? Don’t miss the opportunity to get a tour of the State Rooms – it’s a fantastic experience that will leave you stunned (in both good ways with its opulent beauty but also bad ways if you factor in the wealth in jewels, dishes and wine you’ll see compared to the poverty rates in the city).