Lyzabeth Lopez’s Hourglass Workout

Lyzabeth Lopez - Workout

It’s not just a workout, it’s a lifestyle!

Lyzabeth LopezMove over Kim Kardashian, J.Lo and Queen B a.k.a Beyonce, there’s a new booty in town and she’s sharing all her booty/beauty secrets with her ‘Train with Lyzabeth’ program and more.

Not only is she drop dead gorgeous with a booty to kill, Lyzabeth Lopez is the founder, creator, mastermind genius behind Toronto’s leading women’s only bootcamp, Hourglass Workout. Lyzabeth is also an award winning personal trainer, holistic nutritionist, fitness instructor, TV host, writer and social media powerhouse.

This multi-talented woman is immensely knowledgeable in her craft combined with her warm, down to earth, girl next door personality. Her passion for holistic lifestyle has led her to be one of the most sought after fitness personalities with a dedicated following of fitness enthusiasts.

So what is the Hourglass Workout and why do women from all over Ontario line up to register for a location near them? This well designed workout program is laid out to make sure you reach your fitness goals without dieting forever. Lovingly Lyzabeth says her workout plan has the following side effects: a flatter stomach, a bigger rounder butt, increased energy, better mood, younger looking skin, sexier toned arms and legs and the need to share everything you’ve learned with everyone around you.

The Hourglass Workout provides full body conditioning that will help you build lean, sexy curves while using a perfect mix of workout styles ranging from kettle bell workouts, TRX, resistance training, boxing, Pilates, HITT, interval training and more! This is all combined with a holistic lifestyle training that provides you with choices to customize your own holistic eating plan.

Wait, there’s more….they also offer monthly nutrition workshops, form training days and best of all, fun days/girls night out! So if you live in the GTA or their newest location in Montreal, then register now and feel amazing, look amazing and join the social circle of the hottest healthiest girls in the Tdot! I myself am not only a dedicated Hourglass girl but I also am an Hourglass Instructor, that’s how much I believe in this brand, because it’s not just a workout, it’s a lifestyle!

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