Make The Seasonal Switch Easy With Strategic Wardrobe Picks

Transitioning your closet from summer to fall can be seamless with a few go-to pieces. Since the warm weather doesn’t disappear all at once, neither should your summer clothing. By swapping in strategic items, you can comfortably freshen up your wardrobe without saying goodbye to the tried and true summer styles you love.

Mid-length skirts. Dressing for colder weather can be as simple as extending the length of your sleeve or skirt. Trending this fall are mid-length skirts with a flattering hem at the calf that add fullness and movement to your look. Extending the length of your skirt means you can pair it with that summer top you aren’t ready to put away yet.

Nylon coats. Popular on the runway this season, nylon coats are the perfect transitional outerwear. Easily packed away without fear of wrinkling, you will have no problems taking off and putting away your jacket when those unexpectedly warm autumn days surprise you. This lightweight fabric can be layered as the weather gradually becomes colder.

Personalized accessories. Most accessories are easy to transition through the seasons, but some are smarter choices than others. Find items that can be easily modified with small changes, like reversible belts or interchangeable watch straps. Change your look from summer to fall or even day to night by switching the bands on a Daniel Wellington watch from the new Classic Petite collection. Choose classic yet contemporary items that let you easily adapt to whatever the season has in store.


SOURCE: News Canada