Making Money While You Travel Around the Globe


As a frequent traveler, I often hear people asking how I fund my travels. It’s as if their mind can be easily read. They presume all the globetrotters must have a fortune, or must have dug some gold mine on their ventures. After all, for them it is difficult to even plan out a vacation in a year.

Can travel and working go hand in hand? Absolutely. Of course, you have to risk a huge chunk of your life, known as stability. However, a little organization in your life and a spoon full of ambition and there’s nothing that can stop you from making your travel dreams come true.

If you wish to make money while you travel, here are some helpful tips to consider.

Freelance Blogging

Gone are those days when blogging was only considered a past time. In times that we live, it can easily become your business if you have the passion for it. Everyone wishes to know the tales of travelers that inspires them and helps to plan out their trip. As a travel blogger, you are location independent with no pressures on how and when to work. All you need is a computer and a reliable internet connection and your experiences will speak out to the world. Wherever you travel, document it well and ensure that you be original in what you share.

Start Tutoring

You’ll have the privilege of traveling to plenty of destinations when people struggle to learn English. For them, communicating in English is a huge milestone, and doesn’t come naturally as it does to many of the first world countries.

You have the gift of language, and that can be transferred into a job wherever you travel. As long as you are a native speaker, you don’t even need certification. Use the internet to connect with people who would like to learn English from you and make arrangements before you travel. Could there be a better way to fund your trip?

Be a Travel Photographer

If you have an obsession for photography, there is no better work that you can opt for while you travel. Thanks to social media, it is far easier to share your work to the wider world that is always on the hunt for talented photographers. You might be a wildlife specialist or love capturing landscapes, show the world what you have got and earn money through your passion of travel photography.

Become a Member of an Airline Crew

There are people who love drifting from place to another, from one country to the next. You might be among them, and finding ways to fund your trip. It’s best for you to change your passion into a full time job. Become a flight attendant and enjoy some of the finest travel perks along with discovering new destinations.

You need to begin by taking baby steps, fund your first trip and buy airline miles to make your travel dreams come true.