Mallorca, Spain

Whenever I think of the word vacation, I think of warm sunny weather, a white sandy beach with turquoise blue water, palm trees, and a cocktail in my hand while I sun tan. I’m sure that I’m not alone in this imagery.

So, when I was asked by a friend to go on vacation with her, this is the image I had in mind. We decided on a 4 day long weekend on the Spanish island, Majorca, and believe me; my vision of avacation was indeed fulfilled.

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We languidly laid on a gorgeous beach until we were pleasantly tanned. Days consisted of sun, sand, and food, with the occasional ice-cream and cocktail thrown in for good measure. All in all the vacation was everything that I hoped it would be.

We stayed at the Hotel Delfin in Santa Ponsa, since we were intent on relaxing and staying away from party central. With only a 2 minute walk to the beach, we were in an optimal location. Though the food from the hotel left much to be desired, there was a wonderful selection of restaurants around town that more than sufficed.

Taking a half da y away from the beach, we decided to tour Old Palma city. I am so grateful that we did. Not because I wasn’t enjoying myself on the beach, I absolutely was; however, in general I found that Mallorca is one of those overly tourist destinations and I felt like I was missing out on getting any real impression of Spain. Luckily, Old Palma delivered on this account. The tall and regal architecture and narrow streets were iconic of old Spanish cities. Coupled with the most exquisite gelato, shopping in Moda boutiques, and enjoying Tapas at a quaint café for lunch, I feel like we fit in the best Spanish experience that Mallorca has to offer. The city itself was breathtakingly beautiful and I would recommend venturing out for a tour if you find yourself in the area.




We topped off our city touring day with a stop by another beach in the area. It was one of the most beautiful beache s I’ve ever had the pleasure of visiting, nestled in a cove of rocks like a wonderfully kept little secret. Again, it’s worth the trip out if you have the time. Just beware though that everything beautiful, like a rose, has its thorns. Apparently this beach is inhabited by a type of fish that hides in the sand and bites your ankles or heels when you get too close. Both my friend and I got bitten. Not to let that scare you off, I would still do it all over again even knowing what lurks below.

If you are hoping to be immersed in Spanish culture, then Mallorca probably isn’t the destination for you. However, if you want to relax on gorgeous beaches in the sunshine, leave with a glorious tan in only 3.5 days, and have a bountiful variety of food at you disposal, Mallorca should be your next vacation destination.