Mami’s Food Truck

It’s lunchtime and, the moment you step out of your office you are enticed by an aroma of Indian food from a food truck parked nearby. Chances are, you just got introduced to Mami’s Food Truck.

Started in the summer of 2016 by Sophia Mathew, Mami’s cuisine is Indian with a menu boasting popular dishes from southern and northern India. Butter Chicken according to Sophia is a leader of sorts because of its popularity. Dosa, (crepe made of fermented rice and white lentil batter), chana masala, chaat, samosa, wraps and lassi are some of the other dishes served.

Sophia came to Canada in 2009 and started by making Mami’s sambar powder (special spice mix consisting of coriander, turmeric, red chilli powder, etc) and selling it to retailers like Kaveri store in Dundas, Mississauga. After the first forty packets were sold the demand increased.

That was the trigger that set Sophia into thinking about starting a food truck. She realized in order to establish a business it is essential to cater to bigger demands and to achieve that you need to have your own production.

She looked at options while working in downtown Toronto. “Every time people talked about food trucks I used to wonder why idli, dosa and basic south Indian fare is not there. Coming from south India I wanted to indulge in dosa or idli. I realized that unless you walk into a restaurant, there are no other options available if you want to grab these dishes”. Following this thought, Sophia had conversations with truck guys, “and knowing what I wanted to do made it easier”.

Downtown crowds love to eat from food trucks. Being health conscious, they also want to know what is going in their food. Butter chicken, Sophia says is one of the heaviest but she tries and keeps it as healthy as possible by striking a balance between taste and health.

Sophia says diners get excited to find their favorite meal service on wheels stopping by. “After eating a chicken tikka wrap, one diner went and brought a friend to taste my food. It made me feel happy and rewarded”.