Managing Acne Prone Skin During the Summer

Keeping acne concealed and under control in hot weather doesn’t have to feel like you have an added summer job!

Dealing with acne prone skin, whether it is face or body, poses challenges no matter what the season, but in summer we get served some extra special curve balls.  Throw in 30-degree weather with a humidex of 40; sweat (to an already naturally oily skin) and long days, then see how your makeup holds up! What are some ways to help keep your face in place and keep your acne from flaring up in this weather?

  1. Bake Your Makeup with a Setting Powder:  This technique is an old favorite of many makeup artist as it ensures maximum wearability.  Dermablend Professional’s National Makeup Artist Chelsea Bice says there is a reason their setting powder is the #1 selling product from Dermablend.  Pat a generous and visible amount of the powder over top of your foundation and let it sit for 2 minutes.  Then sweep off the excess with a brush and be amazed at how your acne stays hidden and shine free for hours.  If you happen to be extra oily and need to touch up throughout the day, the powder is also available in a convenient on-the-go compact.
  2. Choose Dermatologist Created Brands: Very important when it comes to foundations and sun screens to choose a brand that was created and formulated by a true skin expert.  These products will be gentle yet effective on your skin and won’t cause acne to worsen.  This is different than simply being Dermatologist recommended.
  3. Covering Acne on other parts of the body: Many people that experience acne on their face also see it on their back, chest and shoulders. Dermablend Professional has created Leg & Body Makeup to help with exactly this concern.  But not to worry about transfer onto clothing or others because the product will stay on for up to 16 hours and be smudge and transfer-resistant when set with their  setting powder.  Designed to be super lightweight with a natural finish, your skin will just look perfect but not like you are wearing body makeup.
  4. Wash your face before bed: Although this is something that should be done 365 nights a year, it is EXTRA critical right now. The summer heat ensures even more pore-clogging, acne inducing smog and pollution are in the air. Mix that with added sweat and oil and it spells breakout!  Take the time to do a true face washing with water and cleanser…facial wipes just won’t cut it.
  5. Find a Suncreen you love: Sun protection has come a long way over the years and has greatly improved in texture. Oily /acne prone skins tend to shy away from sunscreens because they worry they will look and feel even more oily.  Search until you find a formula that works for you because skipping on the SPF is not an option. Often times ingredients used to clear up acne (retinol, glycolic acid) can make your skin photo sensitive which means the sun could cause your skin to show hyper pigmentation (brown spots)  or darken acne scars.  Some foundations and moisturizers do contain an SPF which can be helpful for daily protection. For example Dermablend’s Smooth Liquid Camo Foundation offers a broad spectrum SPF 25.


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