Manish Arora – Life is Beautiful

aroraManish Arora, is the Mumbai-born designer whose technicolor creations have won over fans including Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, Heidi Klum, Rihanna, and Nicki Minaj. His fearless use of high-intensity colours, intricate embellishments, and sculpted silhouettes has placed him in the circle of fashion’s flashiest showmen.

In 1997 Manish Arora opened the doors to his world, launching his label Manish Arora. His first collection hit the runways in 2000 at India Fashion Week in New Delhi. Awards, collaborations, and international recognition followed and, in 2005, he made his European debut on the London Fashion Week catwalk. Soon after which he was invited to showcase his debut collection at Paris Fashion Week and he is now a member of the distinguished French federation of Pret-a-porter in Paris.

Manish, finds his unque inspiration in the vibrant colours of India and Indian pop culture. “If you visit India you will see the most unusual combinations of shades put into one piece that surprisingly looks amazing,” says Arora. “We also swear by embroideries and embellishment. My garments are colourful and adorned with futuristic versions of traditional embroidery techniques. I am not afraid to experiment with colours, tints and shades, with metallic accents through intricate embroideries. I use traditional Indian techniques in unique, modern embroideries.”

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Currently, as the creative director of French brand Paco Rabanne, he is spending a great deal of time in Paris. But India is still in his heart. His strongest values are imbedded in his natural DNA symbolized by bright colours, arabesque and happiness. “Life is Beautiful” is his way of life and thinking, whatever happens.

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